Svn and Git enabled PowerShell prompt

After reading this post and integrating it into my $PROFILE script I marveled at the nice git repository prompt.

A few days later I learned, that we will be using subversion on our next project. To remedy my sadness, my colleague Doug Finke pointed out his svn prompt.

That cheered me up, but since I didn’t want to keep changing my script every time I work with either git or subversion repositories, I combined both of them into a prompt, that gives me information about added(+), modified(~), deleted(-) and untracked(!) files.

I also applied few tweaks to make them more consistent.

Here the screenshots for the no repo, git repo and svn repo prompts:

You can find the script here.

In order for the git part to work you will need this gitutils file.

Amend: In the meantime I changed/improved the script a bit, so the prompts will look somewhat different than in the picture.

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