Go to specific parent directory with PowerShell

After typing commands similar to  ‘cd ..\..\..\’ a few too many times, I needed a better solution.

My first idea was to have something like cd… and depending on the number of dots go up to the nth parent. Still, I’d have to count how many directories up my target is.

A colleague of mine had a better idea:

Lets say you are in
and you would like to go to
Ideally you just type something like ‘cdto users‘ or even ‘cdto u


It would indeed be dandy to have such a function, so I invested some time and came up with the below implementation.

        Sets location to the first parent directory that whose name starts with the given target dir.
        Searches upwards to the root drive.
        If target dir is not found, a message is emitted to the console
        cd c:\user\joeshmoe\Documents 
        Set-LocationTo us 
function Set-LocationTo {            
    param(  [parameter(Mandatory = $true)]            
            [string] $targetDir)            
    $dirs = (pwd).Path.Split('\')            
    for($i = $dirs.Length - 1; $i -ge 0; $i--) {            
        if ($dirs[$i].ToLower().StartsWith($targetDir.ToLower())) {            
            $targetIndex = $i            
    if($targetIndex -eq 0) {             
        Write-Host "Unable to resolve $targetDir"             
    $targetPath = ''            
    for($i = 0; $i -le $targetIndex; $i++) {            
       $targetPath += $dirs[$i] + '\'             
    Set-Location $targetPath            
Set-Alias -Name cdto -Value Set-LocationTo

If you are sourcing this Set-Location.ps1 from within a module, make sure to export aliases as well e.g.:

Export-ModuleMember -Function * -Alias *

otherwise ‘cdto’ won’t be available.

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